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" Starting a New Venture " is an exciting adventure but it’s not an easy task. The biggest challenge that start-ups face is obtaining sufficient capital to support their growth. With a little financial upraise, new entrepreneurs can hire employees, purchase equipment and maintain other start-up costs while getting their business off the ground. If you have talent and a robust business idea and want to turn it into a successful business, then you will need to secure a loan to get started. Many of banks and financial institutions provide financial assistance to the budding entrepreneurs in all stages of business lifecycle, as the ShubhBank helps you for the same. The start-up loan from ShubhBank is specifically aimed at financing the new ventures with little or no business history. The loan features are listed below:           We provide the facility to apply online which is quick and convenient way for every borrower.           We requires minimal documentation.  


In India, being a developing country every year many start-ups are launched and operated successfully. There are really a great number of young people who come up with an excellent business ideas every year. But most of businesses fail and the main reason behind it is the lack of funding. Nowadays, banks and other financial institutions become more stringent in the eligibility criteria to sanction a business loan. And to " Make Your Business Loan Successful "  you need to provide a stack of documents to the lender. Then the lender verifies your documents and takes 30 to 40 days to disburse the loan. So the parallel way of business funding is ShubhBank. Our aim is at funding your dying business but our way of functioning is different from other traditional lenders. We provide easy business loans for small and medium-scale enterprises with progressive vision. ShubhBank have different process of gauging the loan eligibility than traditional banks and financing compa


For every business, most importantly manufacturing and production companies, machinery and equipment are the lifeline of operations. Running a successful business is not an easy thing as you are required to meet manufacturing targets to meet the demand of your product. For that equipment and machinery need to be upgraded over a course of time to maintain the production capacity of your business. So increase in production demands subsequent purchase of new machinery. There are times when you do not have enough funds to upgrade or buy new equipment and then a machinery loan comes into frame. A machinery loan from ShubhBank provides you the required funds to keep the production units running smoothly by ensuring timely purchase in order to increase the production. We offer a transparent online process to apply a machinery loan. Like every loan, it also needs to be repaid. So before opting this loan, consider some points and evaluate your exact needs before taking the plunge: ·


With the expansion of the internet and use of the digital appliances like computers and mobile phones, gone are the days when you needed to carry huge cash in your wallet to make any purchase of your choice. Money has transformed from paper to plastic, and more and more people are using credit badge to do all transactions. There are lots of benefits using the same, but everyone should always " Choose the Best Credit Cards " and use them avoiding the others. But, how do you know which card is the best and can be used and expenses can be paid through them so that you do not need to carry? Well, let us look for the top ones available in the market so that you can use it with ease. The Features Of The Best Cards: •           It has an annual fee or a joining fee containing every charge related to usage. However, there are many of them offered by the banks that are lifetime free, and doesn’t need to pay any annual or joining fee to keep the particulars active. They


The requirement of cash can arise without any prior notice. In such situations, we usually look up to borrowing options from family and friends or consider opting for personal loan to meet your emergency requirements. If the money required is more then what your family, friends or personal loan can get you, you can consider a " Loan Against Property " . If you have strategy in your mind to tide over the current crunch, this loan is an great option you can consider. Your dream home is just not give you shelter only, it is an asset and can protect you and your family in the need of money. ShubhBank offers you a loan against property, that is one of the most effective and preferred way to raise large loan quantum by keeping your valuable property as a collateral with our bank. As the real estate prices escalates day by day, so this type of loan is good to raise large amount of money because of increasing value of your home that ultimately results into increased borrowing


It is the dream of every individual to own a car. Often financial constraints prevent these dreams to have wings and turn to reality. How many times have you thought to hold that dream car and even memorized the features and visited the dealer but had backed off at the last moment thinking it to be a financial burden? Well, it’s not only you but every day many people are compromising with their desires and passion for sitting behind the wheels of their choicest vehicle due to financial worries. The days of worries are over, and the dream fulfillment is not at all impossible as many financial institutions and banks are providing easy car loans to their clients. Getting the financial assistance: With the advancement of technology and inroads of the internet in every corner, it has become easier to " Get O nline Car Loan Approval " provided all the terms and conditions are fulfilled. Gone are those days when people used to run from pillar to post to secure a mortg


Credit Cards epitomize modern lifestyle in terms of convenience a d have emerged as one of the fastest ways of carrying out transactions. Those days are gone when having a magic plastic card and flaunting it among your relatives and friends was a symbol status. With a view to increased acceptance, many banks and NBFCs have been offering various additional rewards and benefits with credit cards. As the cashless transaction becoming more and more common, everyone has a credit card, either a middle class man or a high net worth individual. There are host of card options available in the market having variety of features linked to them. The most popular and reliable ones are entertainment credit cards, shopping cards, fuel cards, cash-back cards, premium cards and business credit cards. They provide rapid access to money anytime and anywhere, so are the handiest asset you can have. They has emerged as viable alternative to currency notes providing access to covering expenses on the go


                 Personal   loan can cover you during a financial crunch or a medical emergency and can give individuals a lot of free hand when it comes to finances. The usage of personal loan does not have a designated purpose, it can help you take care of the foreseen expenses in the event of wedding in the family or when you come across with plans to get your home renovated, it can help anyone in any emergency. It is a multipurpose loan and the use of the loan amount depends on the need of the borrower. So before taking personal loan, analyze your needs and ask yourself if it is worth. Once you opt for a loan, you will have to treat it like commitment and have to repay the borrowed money along with interest in the form of EMIs. Before applying, calculate the value of expenses you need to tackle with your loan quantum because your purpose decides the loan amount you need. Regardless of what the financial situation is and in dire need of money, do not forget to check the inte


Gold Loan is one of the best ways to accomplish your personal and professional requirement. You get to acquire almost 85% of the money of the total value of your jewellery. It is the most preferred way to borrow a huge sum of the money due to its added advantages. Some of the most common benefits are discussed as under: ●      You don't have to worry about your valuables anymore, as you get complete security for that. ●      The amount can be gained at the earliest. You can get it in time less than an hour. ●      You can get it approved with minimum documents required. To get the approval you have to submit any of the two valid identity proof which may include Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Driving License, Voter's ID or Passport. Make sure the document you submit is valid and not expired. ●      If you are an adult in India, you are valid for application irrespective of the occupation you possess. It doesn't depend on any minimal earnings even the students and ho


Most of us fear to start our own business due to lack of financial capability or any external support. But it is not that difficult these days to have your own startup or organisational setup. All you need is a good thought process, knowledge about the market, the industry you want to enter and an efficient plan. If you are well equipped with these prerequisites you can easily " Apply for Business Loan ". The process of application is easy and can be carried out online or offline. You can apply for any amount based on your business type, money requirement keeping in mind the turn over of your business. How long it takes to acquire the loan amount? You can apply for the sum of money varying between 25 lakhs to 2 crores at very low interest. The interest rate is not more than 12 to 15%. Your loan can be approved easily if you are applying for it within 2 to 3 working days. The money can be taken from both the private and public money lending institutions for yo