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Getting your own home is a big decision that requires careful thought and consideration. From deciding the loan amount, to ownership and other financial aspects, there are many factors to think about when you contemplate buying a house. It is important to be financially prepared before you commit to buying a house as it is a major investment. The actual approval of the loan is subjected to the verification of all the documents and eligibility.  This loan is used to finance for the construction of newly acquired home or if you are planning to build a home. So there are few factors that bank take into account when it comes to Home Loan Eligibility . If you are looking for a home loan, you have come to the right place.


As the aadhar cards are introduced by the government, it has become the most important cards for Indians across the country. It has to be linked to everything and there's literally no escaping this card. It is mandatory for lot of procedures and one of them is your bank account. You can either this process through net banking or go directly to the bank to submit your card. Log into your net banking's session with your username and password and then click on 'submit document' where aadhar is a part of it. Your bank will send you an OTP for verification on your phone. Use this 6 digit number and continue the process. You will be asked to type your card details and then click on 'submit'. Now you have linked your aadhar to your bank online.


Everybody needs a loan at some or the other stage in their life whether it is to purchase a home or vehicle, run a small size business or for education, loans make it simpler to get things when money is on shortage. ShubhBank in Chandigarh will provide you the best loan solution that can fit to your pocket. The bank will go through the person's past economic record for what the loan can be repaid. Other eligibility criteria are customer's age proof, residence proof and ITR slips. Our loan solutions seems to be attractive as you need not deposit any assets to the lender. A customer can avail the loan within 48-72 hours with minimal documentation and lucrative interest rates. These loan solutions by our bank are the best loan options to handle all expenses easily.


You can use a Personal Loan for just about anything but try not to hide the purpose of the loan from the bank. While it’s possible that you may not know how you will utilise the money, one of the biggest mistakes that loan borrowers commit is trying to hide information from the lender. So, when you reach out to a bank to avail a Personal Loan, give them a clear idea of your plans. Let them know why you need the money and how you plan to utilise it. Yes, of course a Personal Loan can be used for any personal emergency. This will help you gain the lender’s trust, and it will work in your favour to get your loan approved quickly. Honestly, it’s better to have the banker in the loop just in case you ever face money troubles and are unable to pay an EMI. In such a scenario, the lenders may understand your situation and could give you an extension to pay the amount due. So, always maintain transparency with all your transactions with your bank.