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Looking for a loan for your Business?

Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur but did not know where or how to begin. Starting something of your own can be overwhelming. It would demand all your physical and mental energy. But let’s not make mountain of molehills. Every problem, when broken down is just an easy task. Being an entrepreneur is a challenge. Getting a Business Loan is a great way to fund your dream project. If you are looking for a business loan, ShubhBank have cover for you. Your income, credit score and repayment ability will also be taken into account. We help you to cater the loan according to your needs with attractive interest rates.

Healthy Habit to be Wealthy

Only you can decide whether you want wealth to be your slave or your master. If you want to be the master of wealth, there are certain things that you need to set right. If you enjoy being the slave, you can go with the flow and let wealth control you. Let’s start by assessing your habits both good and bad. Once you take control of your habits, you will be able to take control of your life. Make a conscious effort to change for the better. Once you do that, we can say with confidence that you have already won half the battle. Don't nod your head on it because whatever you are about to read can change your life forever. So, read this great mantra for richer and wealthier life, but don't forget about it as soon as you are done reading.

Loan Against Property – A Boon to your Crisis

A Loan Against Property is exactly what the name implies a loan given or disbursed against the mortgage of property. You may have a lot on your mind when it comes to sending your children for education abroad or may be finance your business or even finance your child's wedding. The first thing that would come into your mind that where would you get this money from. You could take a loan against property from ShubhBank. It belongs to the secured category where borrower gives a guarantee by using his property as security. We provide exclusive benefits and feature like long tenure that you can get sufficient time to repay the loan, lower interest rates with easy EMI's which best suits to you.

Shape Your Future with ShubhBank Education Loan

ShubhBank Education Loan scheme supports meritorious and deserving students by helping them financially to pursue higher education in India and abroad. It helps the poor and needy to avail basic education. Not only can the students pay their school, college and hostel fees easily but also they can pay their library and laboratory charges. Students can use the loan amount for travel, study tours, project work etc. It also helps the students to buy books, instruments and other equipment required during the course of their study. Our bank has a hassle-free loan application process, thereby making it a very popular credit product among aspiring students.