Monday, 16 October 2017


Be it the ovens for growing restaurant, latest dental X ray machine, desks for an expanding office, all the small and big businesses will face the need of new equipments. The high expenses of purchasing these equipments need quick cash. As such Equipment Financing can be highly useful tool provided by ShubhBank. This loan can come from variety of sources depending upon your eligibility criteria/credit score and your needs. We provide you the lowest interest rates with flexible repayment options. You will have to prepare your paperwork and have a detailed business plan that takes your business to the next level. You will get the fastest disbursal usually within a few days of submitting a loan application.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017


There are many of commercial banks in India and each of them has their own set of loans – be it Home Loan, Personal Loan,Car Loan or any other loan such as a Loan Against Property. In this case study, we have tried to document some of the best loan products currently available in our country. However, it is not possible to document all loan products here and we’d advise you, the reader, to do your own research before opting for any loan. It is important to thoroughly read through the loan schemes before you decide to apply for a loan. Terms and conditions regarding foreclosure, part-payment, interest-rate calculation and instalments are very important. The best thing to do is to first talk to your own bank, especially if you have had a relationship with them for a long time. Banks do value relationships and are likely to provide you with the best of offers. It doesn’t hurt to ask around among your family and friends. You could also read reviews online in order to assess a bank’s after sales service.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017


If you’re a woman entrepreneur or an aspiring one and you aren’t aware of the special loans that are exclusively available to you, then this article is for you. These special schemes from ShubhBank offer flexibility in terms of collateral security as well as interest rates. Our bank even offers proper counselling sessions for women entrepreneurs and show them proper avenues of growth and ways to promote their businesses. It is available for women employed in village and cottage industries, micro, small and medium enterprises, self-employed women, agriculture and allied activities, retail trade, and government sponsored programmes. Now that you have some idea about the kind of loans available for women, perhaps it’s time to take that step and Start Your Own Business. After all, you’ve got everyone including the banks rooting for you. 

Thursday, 28 September 2017


If you are a teenager, you must be living off the pocket money given by your parents. You can still make some powerful financial choices with this money that would help you have a steady future. With the academic pressure running alongside, money management must be the last thing on your mind. However, if you inculcate some good money habits now, it would go a long way. In order to save in a disciplined manner, make sure you save first and spend later. If you don’t have a bank account in your name yet, this is the right time to get one. If you spend one vacation holidaying, try and utilise another one by taking up a part-time job. You can use the money you earn for your regular expenses and savings. You could try out ways to reduce the expense by splitting the restaurant bill among your friends, while watching a movie, travelling by public transport. When it comes to financial planning, it’s never too early to start it. 

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


A Credit Card is a useful tool, when managed judiciously but a lurking danger if you mismanage it. One of the first things you need to keep in mind is read the term and conditions when you apply for a credit card. It could be a laborious process but something that has to be dealt with, to protect yourself from any rude surprises that might be in store for you in times like this. Though credit cards seem like a good bet for short term fund requirements refrain from using it, unless you can make the credit card usage count for some kind of benefit. Using your credit card purchases for an interest free period is fine, however remember the bank can do away with interest free periods anytime it chooses to and also hike the interest rates, according to its free will. Hence, be wary of a credit card and use it sensibly. Credit cards can be useful when you make a profit out of it. 

Wednesday, 6 September 2017


ShubhBank offers loan services in tricity that will help you find the best loan for you. All you need to do is enter a few details about the type of loan .You need with some details about yourself in the application forms and it will sort through them all to find the one that would be most suitable for you.  Once you have made your choice, you just Apply for Loan. Our bank deals in all type of secured and unsecured loans depending upon your requirements. You may be a salaried employee or self employed and looking for some urgent cash for your any emergency, short term requirement Or Business person looking for big amount for your business expansion. We have some special packages for the customers in which they can be heavily funded in minimum of processing time.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017



Many dream about having a home, but would drop the plan not because they are worried about the affordability but are worried about arranging the down payment part. As soon as the Home Loan request is approved by the bank, the very next step is to arrange cash for the down payment part. For this smart moves should be taken even before you decide to buy a home.  Start saving even as little as you can, towards the down payment of you home loan amount. Have some estimates and accordingly procure some funds for this purpose. Segregate your expenses to avoidable, unavoidable and necessary expense. Stay close to your favoidable expenses and avoid as much as you can to the down payment savings piggy bank. Even if it might seem to a very small amount, it will make a lot of difference when you are in need of the same. However, always keep aside a bid of such savings to meet emergency requirements and further need of cash towards house construction or other needs.