Tuesday, 20 June 2017


Personal Loans are the instant noodles of the finance world. They are one of the fastest disbursed loans and require minimum documentation. This is why they are the ‘go-to’ loans when faced with all kinds of financial emergencies. Among its various loan related products, ShubhBank also offers Personal Loan to help you meet all kinds of financial emergencies. With this loan you could purchase products and durables, renovate your flat or house, consolidate existing debt, take care of medical expenses, purchase a vehicle and much more. Luckily for you, we have some amazing Personal Loan offers with incredibly affordable interest rates that are tailor made just for you.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017


Nowadays most of the banks have a dedicated department for business loan requirements to meet the financial needs of business. Getting a Business Loan in India is easy but finding best loan providers with low interest rates is a challenge. Of course, there is ShubhBank now, who is highly service centered and ready to offer dedicated services according to the need of the loan applicants. In order to grow business, this will help the entrepreneur to make the business more profitable and competitive. Business loans can be used for various needs such as to invest in new equipment, for starting up the business and finance. Apart from letting your business to grow, a loan taken at right time can work as guard against any unexpected events.

Monday, 5 June 2017


A few years back, credit card meant for just one type, which offered you the option of buy now and pay later. But today things have been changed like anything because there are many players and products to choose from. The credit card segment is buzzing with competition and there are a lot of cards with different features. Customised Credit Cards from ShubhBank being the mantra of today, getting the eight cards that best fits your lifestyle is very important. Shopping with them might be a good idea as you get to enjoy a several benefits than using net-banking or option for cash on delivery. Whatever your style, may be either everyday user, occasional user or use it for basics, there's a ShubhBank credit card that’s tailor made for you. 

Thursday, 1 June 2017


All of us would have had that moment in our life when money is not sufficient enough to either for buying a home, going for a vacation, buying some gadgets, for marriage expenses or for education fees. And many of us have declined the option of loan thinking it is very time consuming and long process. But in India, getting a loan for any of these needs is not a tough task.  Almost all banks are offering loans to applicants if they meet the eligibility criteria hold good CIBIL score and has the capacity to repay the loan. Focus on some simple tips to present yourself as a credit worthy borrower. Back it up with proper documentations and Credit Score. Banks will be comfortable to lend money at low interest rates as per your needs.

Friday, 26 May 2017


A mortgage is a tool for debt which is protected with the help of a security deposit or collateral. This loan from ShubhBank is very beneficial for personal or professional life. The other terms used for these loan types are “Loans Against Property” or “claims on property”. For individuals, at the personal level, the mortgage loans involve the owner of the land mortgaging the property and raising funds through it from the bank. Till the time the loan is repaid, the bank holds the claim of the house. Our bank will try to provide the hassle free services to the customers and provide sound atmosphere for providing the respective loan.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017


A lot of research has gone into observing the habits of the rich .And if you are looking to build wealth, you have got to start with your habits .Goals give you a sense of direction on  what to do with money .So start with chalking out your goals .The rich try and stay ahead of the World by up grading their knowledge on a constant basis. Reading is a powerful tool to give you an edge. Most successful people block time for themselves on a daily basis to get their tasks done on time. The successful never lose hope even if they fare hurdles. They stay focused and positive. Nothing can make them give up on their ambition success is not an end game IT'S a mindset. When you have the right habits, you will also have the right mindset and set yourself on the path of wealth creation. 

Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Wedding on the cards, house renovation on your mind or planning to start a new business or need some financial help to enhance the current one or need money to clear off small debts. ShubhBank Personal Loan certainly come to one's rescue during a financial emergency. Our platform allows you to review and compare loan based on key criteria specified by you. Be it for higher education, marriage, shopping needs, a personal emergency, or just need of extra cash, you can anytime get instant cash with our conditions and apply for it on the same website. We offer you the benefits and features like attractive interest rates with long tenures and help you to choose the loan that best suits your needs.