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Nowadays loans are one of the important financial tools of which more than half of the population depends. They are used to fulfill any kind of financial requirement such to avail some luxuries, to purchase an updated gadget or to finance the most awaited vacations. The easy availability and attractive features of loan attract most of the audiences and they often take it as per their requirements. Generally, the borrowers don’t realize the intense issue behind delaying the repayments and unaware of getting further into this snare. Therefore, to be monetarily fit one ought to know about few indications that you are falling into debt trap. Factors which indicate that you are getting into Debt Trap Taking a loan for regular expenses: Few people secure loans when they are short of cash and start using credit cards and sometimes opt for a personal loan to fulfill their needs. This way of borrowing can help you at a point but paying the interest for long term will become tough and you need


  Both starting and running a business leads to facing lots of financial pressure, you need to have a good amount of running capital to ensure them running smoothly. However, if your business is doing good and making sufficient money to maintain its capital flow, you are in a good position. But taking your business to that level needs lots of hard work along with the findings. Running a business needs a lot of planning among which arranging funds is one of the most important things. Business loans can be a great help as they provide funds specifically for your venture. These loans are available with most of the lenders and can be availed easily. But for this, you have to " Apply Online For Business Loan " . For getting this loan approved, there are fixed eligibility criteria. If you fail to match the eligibility criteria, your application gets rejected. But some factors negatively affect " Business Loan Eligibility " :- 1.    Age: - Your age is the first thing that


 A Personal loan is a great friend in times of need. That is the reason why the Indian household consumes a large amount of instant personal loans to tide through the emergencies. A personal loan is meant to be an unsecured loan that helps you to meet the needs of financial goals. While taking this type of loan you do not have to keep any kind of security while applying for a loan. In personal loans, your lender allows and gives you the facility of using the given funds as per the wish. When you are in urgent need of funds, you cannot afford to wait for 4-5 days to get your loan sanctioned. This personal loan is the best option. When you apply online you will get a personal loan in 5 minutes.  Here are five ways in which personal loan can act as a friend to you:- Medical Emergencies: - A medical emergency is one of the top most reasons why one may apply for a personal loan. Nowadays the cost of hospitalization is increasing; even those with health insurance are facing a tough time pay


      A car is symbol of luxury and ultimate comfort. However, in recent times, it has become more of necessity and people have to spend huge amount of money on it. Most of the people are choosing to opt for a second-hand car to get a firsthand experience than purchasing a new car. If your pocket does not allow you to purchase a used car, then you can avail used car loan from any lending institute that suits you best. This loan scheme helps you to bridge the financial gap and buy a required four-wheeler. There is a list of things which everyone should keep in mind which they can use to know that how to get the best deal for used car loan. 1.    Look for best car loan interest rate:   When you plan for a used car, you look around for various factors such as condition of the car, registration documents, safety features and at the end, negotiating the price before buying a car. Afterwards, look for the lenders who offer you the best rates while you " Apply For Used Car Loan " .


  Owning a property gives you numerous benefits as residential property will give you the feeling of proud living in your own house where as commercial property turn into a permanent source of income. Well, not to get surprised, you can also use the property as loan collateral during an urgent need of money by securing loan against property.  A loan against property is a budget-friendly way to avail funds by putting your priced property as a security to lender. One must not forget about the danger of liquefying their priced property as default on EMIs ay make the lender to sell your property to refund the loan. Here, we will focus on few points to consider before taking a loan against property as it is seen that LAP is a cheaper financial product but a risk is associated while applying for the same. Points to Consider While Taking a Loan against Property       Rate of Interest: The rate of interest on LAP ranges from 10-14% and can differ from lender to lender. One has to do a proper