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A mortgage is a tool for debt which is protected with the help of a security deposit or collateral. This loan from ShubhBank is very beneficial for personal or professional life. The other terms used for these loan types are “ Loans Against Property ” or “claims on property”. For individuals, at the personal level, the mortgage loans involve the owner of the land mortgaging the property and raising funds through it from the bank. Till the time the loan is repaid, the bank holds the claim of the house. Our bank will try to provide the hassle free services to the customers and provide sound atmosphere for providing the respective loan.


A lot of research has gone into observing the habits of the rich .And if you are looking to build wealth, you have got to start with your habits .Goals give you a sense of direction on  what to do with money .So start with chalking out your goals .The rich try and stay ahead of the World by up grading their knowledge on a constant basis. Reading is a powerful tool to give you an edge. Most successful people block time for themselves on a daily basis to get their tasks done on time. The successful never lose hope even if they fare hurdles. They stay focused and positive. Nothing can make them give up on their ambition success is not an end game IT'S a mindset. When you have the right habits, you will also have the right mindset and set yourself on the path of wealth creation. 


Wedding on the cards, house renovation on your mind or planning to start a new business or need some financial help to enhance the current one or need money to clear off small debts. ShubhBank Personal Loan certainly come to one's rescue during a financial emergency. Our platform allows you to review and compare loan based on key criteria specified by you. Be it for higher education, marriage, shopping needs, a personal emergency, or just need of extra cash, you can anytime get instant cash with our conditions and apply for it on the same website. We offer you the benefits and features like attractive interest rates with long tenures and help you to choose the loan that best suits your needs.


Equipment loans are considered ideal for customers who own business whether SME or large enterprises requiring long life equipment needs, who prefer the ownership of equipments through loans. When a businessman needs equipment, getting a business equipment loan from ShubhBank could be an intelligent financial move. He or she can use these loans to make purchases for virtually any type of business equipment but the amount that can be borrowed is based on the type of equipment that the entrepreneur is buying as well as whether the equipment is brand new or used. There is also the option of equipment leasing which includes operating leases, finance leases, hire purchase arrangements and other customised products.


Indian roads have been exploding with cars in the past few years and almost everyone who has a decent income is opting to buy a car either through own money or with help of a Car Loan . Applying for a car loan is relatively simpler at ShubhBank primarily because the amount involved is less and the documents needed are much simpler to obtain. With the rise in competition among the car financier the process takes less than a week in most to be completed and the disbursement made. However after having selected the car and the bank for the loan one will have to understand the basic process involved in availing the car loan.

Taking a Loan from ShubhBank

There comes a stage in everyone's life when they need financial assistance to meet a challenging situation. The challenge could be a health related issue, a marriage in the family, the need to buy an asset or simply trying to fulfil some family requirement. This is exactly why ShubhBank have lending schemes that give you access to loans as per your repaying capacity. From car loans to home loans and everything in between, borrowing has become easier than ever, therefore tempting you to increase your purchasing power with a little help from our bank. Before you zero in on a loan, you must compare the various loans available in terms of interest rates, charges, repayment terms, etc.