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Gold, the precious yellow metal other than being used for jewelry and ornaments can also be used to get a loan at the time of financial emergency. The customers can generate the funds from their assets offered by so many banks and NBFCs. The " Gold Loan from ShubhBank " is one of the easiest ways to access funds when you need them the most. The fund sanctioned to the borrower is generally a certain percentage of the gold’s value. It is referred as a secured loan that a customer takes in lieu of gold jewelry and you can repay it through easy EMIs after which you get your pledged articles back. So if you have a low credit score but sufficient amount of idle gold at your side, then the gold loan can be the monetary solution for all your requirements. Before applying for a loan, you should be aware of its merits and demerits that are discussed below: MERITS OF GOLD LOAN • Fast processing: It is a secured loan so includes lenient eligibility criteria and


                 Buying a second car has now become easier and more reliable with the entry of organized players into the pre-owned car sector like OLX, CARWALE etc. When you look into the car market, you will notice that used cars have more sale than new cars in India each year. You can buy a certified and well maintained used car at reasonable price if buying a new car is beyond your reach or you having a limited income. Nowadays many NBFCs and banks are providing finance if you are planning to buy a used car from assured dealer. We are here to guide you that " How to Apply For a Used Car Loan " at ShubhBank to fulfill your basic transportation need. Eligibility Criteria: The eligibility criterion for pre-owned car loan varies from lender to lender. So the general criteria to apply for loan are mentioned below: •         Applicant must be of at least 21 years old. •          Applicant must possess a PAN card. •         Applicant must have a regular source of in


            Nowadays in every family and household, everyone has certain financial requirements and wishes of improved lifestyle that often get ignored due to other priorities and responsibilities. As per the needs, so many spending solutions are available to fulfill your dreams. In modern day India, the mindset of people has been changed and loans have become integral part in today’s financial scenario. From a new house to new furniture set, purchasing jewelry for the women of house, wedding expenses to medical expenses, you can aid your all financial crisis through ShubhBank. Our loan products are tailor made to suit the specific preferences of every individual to meet their all monetary needs. These requirements could range from purchasing of consumer durables to genuine credit needs. We provide loan schemes to make the most of your life by easing your need in monetary aspects. We are catered to the different income ranges of our borrowers and have devised custom made sch


For growing businesses, having additional cash flow can be imperative. Without additional cash flow, you might find yourself being unable to afford payroll and other necessary costs. For that reason many business owners apply for a business loan . There are many specific loan requirements that you’ll need to meet in order to qualify. In this article, ShubhBank detail some " Business Loan Requirements " you  should know about what a lender will expect from a loan applicant. 1. Loan Purpose: Most of the lenders want to know why you availing a business loan and how you plan to spend it. The lender views the usage of loan for expanding a profitable business as an effective way to earn interest income. The approved reasons for applying for business loan includes improving cash flow, purchasing equipment, and financing an expansion project etc. 2. Experience in Business: While reviewing your loan application, lender will consider how much experience you have in busi


If you are an entrepreneur and wanting to expand your business or you are planning to start a business one of the things that bothers most is the financial part. It is not always possible to manage all ends like the land, labor, existing business provisions, and other business expenses and shell out some extra amount to invest in purchasing some of the modern machines and increase your business volume. So what do you do? Forget the dreams of growing big? Well no. Many banks and financial institutions provide loans to purchase the machinery and equipment and steam ahead with the business. However, you should look at the features and benefits and then " Apply For Online Machinery Loans " . The Benefits And Feature: •           While applying for these types of loan, one can get credit up to 30 lakhs so that your dreams come true and you are not facing any bottlenecks to run the show. •           The best benefit of taking these types of loans is one gets them ap


The world of magical plastic card may seem confusing for a new card holder. There are several banks offering various credit cards each with exclusive features and benefits. There is not a single card in the market that fits the definition of ‘best credit card’ as every individual have different financial needs. The right credit card is the one that best suits your spending requirements. ShubhBank is here to guide you to choose and " Apply For a Credit Card " . Choose the Right Credit Card: From earning cashback, rewards and getting travel benefits, you will find all types of credit cards. The choice for the right card depends on the features that you would like to avail. So, firstly you should decide your spending goals related to a credit card. If you are just a beginner in this journey, you might have only limited options. New customers can only get approved for basic credit cards with best available options . We have discussed few simple tips below with which you c