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The blog below is a complete guide to get you all the information about Gold Loan without many efforts. If you want to go for " Gold Loan Online " you can do that with ease too. With the advancement in technology, nothing is difficult. You are just a few clicks and a few moments away from whatever knowledge you want to gain. Same applies here, it can be done online with the help of Gold Loan Calculator. By using this calculator you can gain all the basic information like: ●      The list of banks and private companies supporting these type of finances. ●      You are also availed with the interest rates offered by different money lenders. You can compare all of them and then reach out to any final conclusion. It can be anywhere between 1% to 19% as per the prevailing schemes at different places and companies. ●      You can calculate the amount you can receive for your asset by entering the weight and purity of your jewellery. ●      You can also get to comp


Everyone wishes to have a security for the future it may be in terms of bonds, valuables, gold, car or property. If you also wish to add to the list of your assets and planning to invest in a property but lack funding you can seek help from different private and government money lending companies. Who All Can Apply for Finance? You are applicable to borrow the handsome amount of money if ●      You are buying a new home. ●      Purchase of a plot or construction of a building on an existing plot. ●      Enhancement of your house or renovation. ●      Non-residential property purchases. ●      Getting a place for your office or business. To accomplish any of the needs detailed above you can easily " Apply For Loan Against Property ". What is the eligibility criteria for application? To borrow a huge sum of the money for your personal or professional requirements, a person must satisfy the following requirements ●      If you are in a job tha


                 Loan against property is one of the variants of personal loan that is highly preferred form of loan in India and much easily available in banks and NBFC’s. It is the secured loan offered by the financial institutions where properties owned by you can be used as collateral. It can be used for various purposes such as business expansion, wedding in family, medical treatment, leisure vacations and for higher studies of children. In loan against property is mortgaged and a percentage of 70-80% of the prevailing market value of the property is given to the borrower as a loan quantum. They are better options as compared to other financial products due to their comparatively lower rate of interest. ShubhBank provides you the opportunity to grab an offering for the purposes when  " Loan Against  Property "  comes handy . The most common scenarios when this loan can be helpful are given below: EXPANSION OF BUSINESS: Every business needs an expansion ove


                Nowadays credit cards act like a lifestyle statement and have become an integral part of our lives. The key reason of their popularity is the convenience they provide as they come to rescue in times of cash crunch by offering an opportunity to grab a short term loan with interest free period. The other advantage is that they can help you save as you spend. They offer you benefits in the form of rewards, cash backs, interest free period and much more. As the demand of credit cards is growing rapidly and hence leading financial institutions have launched plenty of card options for their customers to choose from. ShubhBank also provides the much needed alternative to currency and benefits you with the rewards offered by credit cards. There is a wide range of cards available with different benefits and features associated to them. The popular options are shopping cards, entertainment cards, travel cards, fuel cards, cash back credit cards and many more. They are desi


A credit is a specific amount of money offered to borrowers by lenders or money lending companies on the particular condition that you reimburse that borrowed amount in installments with interest rate. Instant loans are basically the type of loan amount approved very fast or instantly, without the requirement for collateral, guarantors, security or too much documentation. If you want to know " How to Get Instant Loan "  you should go through any reliable financial institution in order to get entire details related to instant loans. After getting acknowledged with speedy credit, you can easily apply for the same. Eligibility requirements for prompt credit- While the money lending companies or banks do not put much stock by your previous loan history, they just need you to fulfil certain eligibility conditions before they approve your loan application. Here is the list of some basic eligibility criteria which should be followed by the applying candidates in order