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Cars are an aspiration for many people. They offer a lot of utility and also offer a higher degree of comfort and convenience. Further, no one can deny the fact that cars are also a status symbol, though decreasingly so. Despite that, vehicles continue to remain desirable. So if you are looking to purchase a vehicle, how best to go about that process? How do you select a car and how do you finance it? These are all crucial questions that can significantly dictate your experience. To help you, this article will go over the intricacies of buying a car. How To Select A Car? There are a lot of factors to consider when buying a vehicle and this is the hardest, but also most fun part of the process. The first thing you need to think about is budget. Decide a price limit that works for you and do not go beyond it for any reason. Secondly, decide what kind of vehicle you want? An SUV, Sedan or hatchback? There are also many crossovers in between now. You will then have to consider


Availing a loan is not easy sometimes; it requires thorough research with complete understanding of the offered loan. ShubhBank highly recommends checking your eligibility before applying for a home loan. The loan eligibility signifies that how much loan quantum you will get to purchase a house and whether you are eligible for it or not. There are certain factors to check the eligibility includes applicant’s age, income, credit score and many more. The factors that help in the increase of your home loan eligibility are good repayment history, good credit score, regular income, stable financial past etc. Here we are discussing some tips that how to enhance your home loan eligibility. OPT FOR A LONGER TENURE : If you increase the loan tenure, it will increase your home loan eligibility as there is a tendency that the lender will get to know that you have enough time to repay the loan. Loan products with longer tenure result in the timely payment of loan quantum and reducing th


Loans are essential aspect of the credit system. They stimulate growth, employment and wealth at both the micro and macro level. A good credit system is essential for the survival of the banking system of a country. This being the scenario, financial institutions are quite precarious when handing out loans. But that cannot be a reason for you to turn away from this system as this hassle is well worth the benefits, such as easy, burden free purchases, tax deductions etc. The best way of acquiring loans is by using property as a collateral. This article will tell you how. Benefits of acquiring a loan against property Loans are considered a burden as they involve the aspect of being badgered by the lender. This is true when you take loans from informal sources such as money lenders. It is a threat to the mental and physical safety of both you and your near and dear ones. It can all be avoided by simply going to a formal lender like a bank. It is true that you will hav


These are an important financial tool in this day and age of e-commerce and blazing fast transactions. They increase the purchasing power of an individual by leaps and bounds! Thanks to a credit card, users can make big purchases instantly; the sort of purchases which they would not have been able to make otherwise. Many companies offer rewards, discounts, and lots of other lucrative offers to their customers. Technology has made a hassle free, and lightning quick! All you have to do is " Apply For a Credit Card Online " and get an instant approval! After the approval and complete submission of application form, a bank representative will get in touch with you for guiding you through the further documentation process. The details mentioned below will help you understand your " Credit Card Eligibility " - 1.      To be eligible, the minimum age of the applicant should usually be 21 years and the maximum age should be 60-65 years. 2.      One shou