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                                          Many dream about having a home, but would drop the plan not because they are worried about the affordability but are worried about arranging the down payment part.  As soon as the Home Loan request is approved by the bank, the very next step is to arrange cash for the down payment part. For this smart moves should be taken even before you decide to buy a home.  Start saving even as little as you can, towards the down payment of you home loan amount. Have some estimates and accordingly procure some funds for this purpose.   Segregate your expenses to avoidable, unavoidable and necessary expense. Stay close to your favoidable expenses and avoid as much as you can to the down payment savings piggy bank. Even if it might seem to a very small amount, it will make a lot of difference when you are in need of the same.   However, always keep aside a bid of such savings to meet emergency requirements and further need of cash towards house cons


Shubhbank  feels that you should always be in complete command of your personal finances. In order to help you with this goal, we have made provisions for you to check your Credit Score for free. Knowing your Credit Score before applying for a loan can help greatly.If you have a good score, you can be rest assured that your loan or  Credit Card application will be processed without any hassle. You can even leverage a good score to ask your lender bank for better rates of interest and additional benefits. On the other hand, seeking credit with a poor score will further lower your score. Hence, check your Credit Score before you apply for a financial product. Work up the score if it’s not in the acceptable range.   Credit agencies review and renew your score every few months. If you have a poor Credit Score, start managing your money wisely and pay your dues on time for a good few months. 


Every business big or small requires access to working capital. Working capital helps businesses meet their cash flow requirements and plan for growth and expansion. You can avail this loan for the purpose of working capital, business or purchase of equipment. Now you can leverage your own business to expand it. Easy and collateral free loans for small and micro enterprise engaged in manufacturing, processing, preservation of goods or rendering services. Flexible and attractive interest rates and less documentation and faster processing.   For years  India  has been known for its culture of entrepreneurship and business. With the expansion of the  tricity and the rise of new commercial hubs in th is  region ,  the appetite for business has expanded manifold.  Shubhbank  understand that expanding and growing your business is extremely essential for you. Through  Shubhbank  Business Loans ,  you  will  meet your working capital requirements.


ShubhBank offers unique loan for the purchase of equipment, with this loan you can improve your business, and strive for scaling to greater heights, changing your small and medium enterprise to a large scale enterprise. If you have strong sales but struggle with little credit, a Machinery Loan may be a particularly good option for you. After all, it is an investment in your business growth and revenues. Our bank is an online lender which offer assistance to every business owner in need of fast access to capital to grow their business .This loan gives business upfront cash in exchange for a percentage or a portion of future credit sales. Getting the capital when you need can mean the difference between the success or failure of your business.