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Life is full of uncertainties so we all take preventive measures to deal with it. Insurance provides a financial safeguard during tough times. There are so many top insurance policies offered in market depending upon your age, financial goals and protection requirements. Choosing the best insurance policy as per your need provide an insight to the multiple choices. The rising healthcare costs with increased risk vulnerability owing to stress mean that a health concern can deplete all your financial savings in one go. Buying a health insurance plan gives you ample time to stay financially protected from any pre existing disease after playing out the waiting period. Prioritize essential plans like " Term Insurance and Health Insurance " over investment and tax saving components but do consider them later if there is a need. Once you have ample coverage and protection plan, you and your dependants will be relieved.


There are many of commercial banks in India and each of them has their own set of loans – be it Home Loan, Personal Loan, Car Loan, Business Loan or any other loan such as a Property Loan . In this case study, we have tried to document some of the best loan products currently available in our country. However, it is not possible to document all loan products here and we’d advise you, the reader, to do your own research before opting for any loan. It is important to thoroughly read through the loan schemes before you decide to apply for a loan. Terms and conditions regarding foreclosure, part-payment, interest-rate calculation and installments are very important. The best thing to do is to first talk to your own bank, especially if you have had a relationship with them for a long time. Banks do value relationships and are likely to provide you with the best of offers. It doesn’t hurt to ask around among your family and friends. You could also read reviews online in order to assess


No matter how attentive and careful you are but problems will pay you unwelcomed visits at a point of time and how you handle them, it all depends upon your mindset. As life is full of uncertainties and you get indulged in to financial crisis and " opt for big amount of loan " that you cannot pay in well manner and its good have realization for taking too big a loan. So get ready to deal the problem a punch in the face. Don’t blame the loan agent or bank because it was your responsibility to determine how much loan you can service. Now take responsibility for your mistake and find a solution faster. Finding a solution is not easy but keep knocking on all possible doors of help. Show some interest in savings and creating a budget because a sour experience has perhaps taught you the importance of savings. Planning a savings and investments let you surpass the biggest challenge.


In modern day India, the middle class has emerged as an average marketer’s dream target for the massively available loans. In terms of sheer volume and popularity. ShubhBank have segregated the concept of loaning into various types. There is the " Personal Loan, Home Loan, Car Loan and Loan Against Property " helps the borrower cope with the higher prices for a competent needs these days. From homes to wedding, vehicles to vacations, if there is an expenditure angle involves, then there is a loan for it. ShubhBank helps you sort through a excess of feasible loan options, through simple and eye pleasing interface that is focused on bringing both the pros and cons of the associated loan plan on the proverbial table for your inspection. We offer multiple competent choices in each case, based on your specific requirements. Our loans are granted in shortest possible time and involves a hassle free procedure.