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The process of " Applying for a Online Loan " is very simple. You need your PAN card and latest 6 months bank statement in a PDF format. You can apply for the loan by going to and clicking on ‘apply for loan’. Select a type of loan from the drop down and enter the loan quantum with the desired tenure. Add your contact number and email ID then fill your details in profile page like your name, father’s name and your PAN details to check your credit history. Choose your type of residence and mention your proper address in it. Then mention your job profile such as your current designation, work experience, company name, highest qualification and monthly salary. After that update your latest 6 months bank statement from your PC or fetch from your email ID. Then provide permissions to your bank name and account number so that ShubhBank can auto debit the EMI amount from your account every month.


Credit score represents your creditworthiness that can be determined by your credit files as loans, debts, repayments, missed payments and credit cards in your name. The score can fluctuate depending upon your monetary choices. Loan increased if your score is high and you get lower rate of interest which reduces your EMI and financial burden. This score is permanent and show your financial past so it is better to maintain a good score at all time. Delayed payments not only results in late fees but adversely affect your credit score too. There are so many ways to " Improve your Credit Score " such that do not use your credit card beyond your limit and check your credit report once in a year and pay bills on time and maintain accounts in your name. Don’t obsess about your score, just work towards achieving good score and maintaining it.


With the rapid growth in the economy of India, the corporate world has witnessed more women owned enterprises thriving in its full potential. The awareness by financial institutions focusing on ‘woman empowerment’ have provided the female entrepreneurs with an opportunity to grow in self owned businesses. The Business Loan from ShubhBank with lucrative rates have been offered to encourage women in becoming financially independent. If you have aspiring business plan and potential of doing well with your business, then there are special offerings made by the bank. Evaluation of business needs and planning are the key factors to prepare that make sure you prepared for the rush. The loan product is available for women in India based on fulfillment of eligibility criteria and other factors. Willing borrowers can look upon the Business Loan offers at and apply online by comparing top banks.


The advantages of applying for an Online Loan with ShubhBank are a lot more. Some of them you can find about the EMI amount. The EMI amount is auto debited before the repayment due date. You can apply for any kind of loan to pay for an emergency, travelling overseas, improve your home and gearing up your business. The loan process at ShubhBank is hassle free because there is no hefty paperwork or filling multiple forms. As the whole process to disbursement is online, you avoid the time wasted investing bank to submit documents. All your financial and personal information submitted remains protected. You do not have to worry about the physical storage of approved documents in traditional lending solutions. Our dashboard allows you to track past & pending EMI payments and tenure remaining.


Everybody wants to earn good money, but if you do not set the right goals at right time, then you won’t be able to utilise your earnings in the right way. So it is very important to prioritise your financial goals . Retirement is the most important goal because after that you’ll not have regular income, so a financial planning will ensure you a normal life without any crisis. Saving an emergency fund should be one of your key priority that you should be adequate to pay your all expenses for health and life risks. You must target the fulfilment of your key responsibilities like child education, buying a home or marriage in the midway. Once you set aside your funds you should also accomplish you desires. So while prioritising your goals, you should take care of timing and savings for achieving any goal.