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Buying a car is still a dream for many despite a plethora of lenders and financing options available in the market. What creates the hindrance for purchasing a new car is that most people are not able to meet the eligibility criteria of income, work experience, etc. Moreover, the income criteria differ across different car models. You would often want to buy a premium model, but lesser salary may have been creating the roadblocks in the way of purchasing the car. However, you can take solace from the fact that the value of car depreciates the moment it goes out of the showroom. On the economical front, used car loan is better than personal loan due to lower interest rates. If you have the requisite cash available to pay the down payment, you should opt for used car loan to reduce the interest outgo from your pocket.


Study decisions are guided mostly by social standards and not by income standards. When a neighbourhood kid or a colleague’s child joins an esteemed international institution, we tend to feel the pressure of matching up. This compelling urge to compete drives us to enroll our kids in the newly mushrooming coaching classes that supposedly would prepare the children for the admission tests and interviews conducted by coveted organisations. Parents, these days, do not hesitate before paying huge sums of money for even admitting kids in such preparatory coaching classes. Be it a small or large sum of monetary resource required, you can simply take an  Education Loan from ShubhBank for your child’s studies. Below are some of the smart questions you should ask to the educational institute/college you want to admit your children in. Make wise choices and enjoy the admission times.


The fear of getting a sunstroke/sunburn has made it almost impossible to ride a two-wheeler as well. So, keeping all this in mind, the only resort you’re left with is a car. If you’re looking for a set of wheels to save you from the scorching heat or provide cover from those torrential rains, purchasing a car could be the perfect option for you. If you’re looking to do this at an economical price, you then a Used Car can’t be beat. ShubhBank offers maximum funding for used cars. Under this scheme, you can get a maximum loan amount of up to 85% of the agreed purchase price or 60% of the valuation of the vehicle, whichever is lower. This is one of the most attractive features of this loan product. 


Loan Against Property is one of the best examples of capitalizing the financial value of a property. In this module of loan, a borrower takes loan from a bank or a financial institution. This module of loan clearly displays how property value can help you in getting loan sanctioned. In this loan module, a property is kept as collateral security and the borrower can use the loan amount for his personal requirement, it can be for higher education, for developing/funding business, or for other legitimate purposes. The property kept as collateral security can be a residential property as well as it can be commercial property. The property is kept mortgaged to bank and it is considered as a secured loan as the property mortgaged works as the guarantee for the borrower. Loan again property is a great facility where short term loan is needed against property. However, before mortgaging a property, its pros and cons should be properly judged.