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            A machinery loan from ShubhBank is a type of credit extended by the various financial institutions of India. The funds availed under this loan are meant to be used for buying machinery or equipment used in your business. It is a type of business loan that lets a businessperson buy machinery or equipment without taking up any portion from the working capital and stress the liquidity. You can avail so many of benefits with " Online Machinery Loan "  from ShubhBank. With the help of funding, you can buy new or upgraded equipment or machinery by which the business can produce better quality products at a lower cost per unit. In addition to that you can produce a number of products more than it previously produced. Before applying for machinery loan, you must decide if you want to avail this loan with security or without security.             Every bank or NBFC has its own specific requirements, criteria and eligibility factors before sanctioning a loan t


In this modern world, it is impossible to achieve your dreams unless you are backed up adequately financially. However, in the event that you're not financially stable to pursue your dreams, should that stop you from acquiring what you want? Everyone desires to have their own property or their own home. Having that can financially burden anyone. Thus, arises the need for home loans and loans against property to enable you to pass through this phase smoothly. What Do You Mean By A Loan Against Property? Loan against property is a loan which is processed against any property which is already on the borrower’s name. A loan against property can be taken for either business or personal purposes. It can be taken for the following purposes- ●       Business expansion ●       Medical treatment fund ●       Higher education for your sons and daughters ●       For any vacation abroad ●       For the marriage of any of your children Know The Difference Between


          Nowadays it’s being trend to take a Home Loan to fulfill your dream of owning a home. Having your own home is something that aspire lots of people around you. Everyone do so much of research while securing a home loan such as EMIs to be paid, loan tenure, interest rates, processing fees etc. But still you are not practically expert on the topic. ShubhBank proposing s ome things you didn’t know about home loan. ·        SOMETIMES YOU CAN’T APPLY JOINTLY FOR LOAN To be eligible for a high loan quantum, some people often opt for joint home loan. The most people allowed to take a joint home loan are married couples, parents, children and brothers but bank do not extend this option to everyone. You didn’t know that lenders generally do not offer loans to friends, sisters and unmarried couples. ·        ADVANTAGE OF WOMEN POWER If you are a woman and you are applying for a home loan, you are entitled to a slightly lower rate of interest and that’s for very su


When you start your business, you can find many challenging scenarios that arise at the same time. But, you need to prepare yourself for all this and needs to fight among those to make your business as one of the best kind of business, among others. If you are planning to start your own business from home, then the very first thing that you get in your mind is How to Start Your Own Business From Home ? Well, to answer this query and to make it clear, you need to understand that there are some things which you need to look at by doing that you can get all kinds of things in place for your business. Things to look at before starting a new business 1. Have a good research When you are going to start your own business from home, the very first thing that you need to do is research. This is because, with this research, you can get all the ideas and can know which is in trend among the people and what people wants from businesses. 2. Have proper legal aspects Befor


ShubhBank offers an instant loan to meet your all types of expenses that may arise out of emergency financial situation or general financial crunch in terms of your medical condition, business needs, buying a home and many more. All type of loans with our institution is easily available and the loan procedure is so simple to ensure easy approval and fast disbursement. The borrower can receive their required loan quantum in their bank account after loan approval. With their best loan features, you can borrow up to higher loan amount with lower EMI percentage. We promise to take care of all the financial obligations for which you can easily avail loan with a simplified online process. The loan application procedure requires very few documents in order to apply for an instant loan from ShubhBank. We offer flexible loan tenure so one can choose the tenure according to their repayment capability. There is no requirement of guarantor or collateral when it comes to apply for secure


Looking after your expenditure for the year ahead can be a good way to prepare yourself with upcoming fiscal year. The highlight areas of unnecessary spending are collecting bills, bank statements and receipts which have to be reviewed from time to time. When you are aware of these financial leaks, they can be easier to avoid. Analyzing your credit report can also give you an indication of your financial status and help you to plan for future. EVALUATE YOUR PRESENT FINANCIAL STATUS After analyzing your expenses and income of past year, we are suggesting you some changes that you can make immediately: • Reviewing your debits and payments can help you identify your spending that could be cut and considerably reduce your outgoings. • Try to set up an emergency fund that will provide you the stability. These types of savings can help you to prevent dipping into other sources such as loan for unexpected expenditures. The above mentioned steps could hel