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Access a Loan - ShubhBank

                                                               Access a loan in an easy and simple way and get the money faster. We are available to help you 24/7 to get benefits from minimal paperwork and speedy approvals for loan. A customer can access online, call us on a phone or make a visit to our branch and you could get your funds in shortest possible time. Things to know before applying a loan: ·          1.Be 18 years of age or older than that. ·          2. Earn a regular and legal income. ·          3. Ability for loan repayments. ·          4. Salaried/non salaried. ·          5. Stability in business. Things to be handled: 1. Proof of identity: Aadhar card copy/driving license/passport copy or voter Id. ·          2.   Address Proof: Copy of electricity bill/ ration card/ rental agreement/passport. ·          3. Bank passbook and last 6 months bank statement. ·         4.   Recent Salary slip       After holding your documents

Do you know what is your Credit Score – Visit Now

                                                                       Banks verify the credit score to determine the potential risk arises by lending money to customer and to analyze the numerical expression of individual’s credit file and their history. The credit information bureau India limited (IBIL) has role played as Credit Score information company that represent a summary of persons credit history. Shubhbank use this score to evaluate who qualifies for a loan with what interest rate and the credit limits. The use of the score prior to grant a loan is an implementation of a secured system. This credit score ranges from 300 to 900 whereas 900 being the good score if your history is less then six months, then the score will be zero and person with no history will have a credit score of -1. It is tough to get a loan with non repayment record from any of the lender.

How to Get Credit Card through ShubhBank – Visit Now

                                                               Credit Cards offers an individual a better way to track their expenses which is useful in monitoring personal and profession related expenditures for taxation purposes. So Shubhbank offering you a various kind of credit cards and granting a line of credit that you can borrow money for payment of goods and services. We provide a wide range of credit limits, repayment arrangement and added perks. Our bank will offer customers with top class privileges in travel, dining, living and lifestyle with high level of security and insurance cover. You just need to be the age of 18 years or older than that, having Xerox of PAN card, income proof and residence proof. The paperwork required may vary on a case to case bases. So make a visit   to our branch or call us to get more than you expect. The products offered by us lasts a features that are aimed at helping the card holder manage the expenses efficiently with the help of our

Get Easy Home Loans with ShubhBank

                                                                   In India, the home loans are provided by the lender are upto 75% of the agreement value of the home. These loans provide funding for purchase or construction of new house or any other residential property. But the Shubhbank offers the solution to get your property valued independently and provide the loan based upon your necessity rather than the cost in purchase agreement. The home loan is proposed for buying a new home or buying a plot and planning out the construction or resale of the home. Home Loan is differentiated into two categories that are based on their interest rates, i.e. floating or fixed rate. Floating rates where the rate of interest is subject to change whenever there are changes in the repo rates by RBI or any changes in base rate of the bank while in fixed type the rate of interest remains constant for the entire tenure. The rising prices of the real estate made a purchase of house like d

Privy Loans through ShubhBank

If you intend to use the money for any emergency or anything legal, it is better advised to get in touch with Shubhbank for privy loan. A Personal L oan is great savior and lends you money for impending crisis. Whether you need to tackle money troubles, medical emergencies, either a new PC/laptop, latest mobile, study fee or dream vacation or wish to buy/furnish your apartment. Our bank can help you 24/7 to deal with all your problems and to shortlist your options. We does not require any collateral you can access a loan as long as your credit score is good. All your need to submit is your identity proof, income proof, age proof, residence proof etc. We offers you the benefits and features like handsome interest rates with long tenures, simple paperwork, brisk processing and loan service at your doorstep.