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Its undeniable fact that blind spots in " Finances " can work against us by destroying our efforts to upgrade our financial health. We have been neglecting some of the aspects in our financial lives which can yield many financial rewards and otherwise. There should be some of the common financial blind spots and there is a high probability that one must have few of them. Therefore, we have listed some blind spots that needed to be avoided in financial crunch. Minimal Savings: The proportion of savings varies from person to person as it depends upon your income and amount based on specific situation. Some of the people can’t calculate how much they require saving. Also, there are some signs which indicate that you are not saving enough money such as no idea of your expenditure, not paying credit card bills in full, zero saving goals, lack of emergency funds and living salary to salary. So, it’s better to calculate how much you need to save and for how long and initiate a pro


The loan products are designed according to the needs of customers and to give away maximum benefits to them in the form of competitive interest rates and flexible terms and tenure. There are few qualities; customers often look for in a lender while they " A pply For Loan " such as an easy accessibility, affordable interest rate and flexibility in picking up a loan tenure as well as EMI. ShubhBank understands the concern of their customers and act as one- stop solution for their needs and requirements. Our customized loan products and transparent processing have made us most preferred lenders in India for borrowers. Our post disbursement customer services make us even more popular among all. Benefits of Loans from ShubhBank : The loans from ShubhBank come with great features and benefits that are tailored to meet the needs of every borrower. Here, we have discussed all the benefits that you can grab out our loan schemes. Ø   High loan amount : However, the loan quantum i


With ever increasing competition in lending sector and advancement in technology, numbers of loans are readily available in the banking market. Moreover, you can get your loan processes within few business days of filing your loan application. A loan from any financial institution is your sole responsibility and requires your diligence at every step, from filling an application form to repaying the loan amount. Hence, we have compiled up the loan process in easy steps that one must follows before applying for a loan. Decide the loan quantum: It’s good to figure out the expenses that you want to cover with loan beforehand. Finalize a reasonable amount you want to borrow from a lender and be careful not to borrow excessively. Similarly, it should not be too small that makes you unable to fulfill your needs. Make a balance between your income and needs before deciding a loan amount. Research loan type: There are various types of loans to choose from such as secured loans and unsecured l


At certain point of life, everyone needs to take a loan to fulfill the financial needs. However, it is boon for people who want to tide over the financial crisis but sometimes it can also lead to a debt trap. Therefore, it is important and would be a great idea to ask yourself some questions before you " Apply For Loan " . These questions to yourself will clear your doubts about the need of loan and how you going to repay it. Let’s have a look on some of these questions: What is the need of loan? First and foremost, you must ask yourself about the purpose of loan that either you need it for building a home, pursuing a higher education or learning a new skill, as it is perfectly fine to secure a loan to pay for the purchase. These assets will enhance in value and helps you generate the income in a long run. On contrary, if you are availing a loan for your personal expenses which are beyond your means then it would not be a god thing to get a loan. However, if you really want a