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The COVID outbreak has taken the nation’s economy on a ride due to which people’s financial condition have deteriorated because of loss in jobs and business, pay cuts etc. According to centre monitoring data, five million people lost their job and thousands of small business enterprises suffered a huge loss. As per our concern, with the help of this article, we are mentioning some key steps that can be followed in order to curb financial losses faced during this pandemic. Timely payments of card and EMIs: There is great importance of making timely payments to the respective banks as nobody want to fall prey to bad credit score. Even if the bank gives you time to repay your bills, it will still charge interest on customer for late repayments and you have to pay extra for that. To address this difficulty, governing authorities have introduced moratorium with options such as increase in tenor or EMI and pay at the end of moratorium. It is advisable to opt this relief only if it is extrem


  Loan against property is one of the common mortgage loans due to its features like low rate of interest, faster approval, longer tenure and maximum loan quantum. Nowadays, more and more people are opting for this loan as many leading financial institutions are offering exciting and flexible loan terms. It is extremely easy to apply for " Loan against Property " as one can take it for commercial as well as residential property. However, it is easy to secure but still your application can get rejected. So get prepared with such reasons to which your application get rejected and what you can do to avoid it. Review your Documents: It is very important to have a right set of documents to get your loan passed. One has to submit their KYC details along with the bank statements, income proof etc. for the loan. The property to be pledged should be clearly in your name and you should also have a plan copy of your property. If any of these documents are illegal then your application


  Whether tour business is new or established one in the market from years, you need funds to fuel up your business. The new venture always needs funds from your end but an existing business can manage its cash flow from business turnover. However, if you need to expand your business, you may need to look for outside funding. You need to know certain things before you seek for business loan, you need to understand how efficiently to use the loan amount and your plan to pay off the borrowed amount. Having a great strategy tends you to utilize funds in the right place to grow your business faster with business loan which give your better returns. Expansion of Business: Most of the company owners seek cash flow when they want to expand their operational units. The business loan can help you to move into larger place or to an economically feasible location. The financial aid from banks and NBFCs in the form of business loan can help you get the working capital which can meet all your need