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When you are ready to follow your inner voice of becoming an entrepreneur, ShubhBank is here. We won’t just help you find the best loan offers but also with other crucial aspects of your business. Before stepping into the corporate world, you must be well aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your business offerings. To ensure that your business turns out to be a smashing success, you always need to stay one step ahead of your opponents. No matter how great your product is, it’s bound to fail unless your marketing strategy is not in place. These are some of the instances where your business might need something more than your hard work. If you’re planning to go big and expand your business, you might need a little financial help. It might need some financial pump up. For all such times, you know what can help you—a Business Loan . What are you waiting for, apply now for a loan at ShubhBank.


Unlike earlier times, women today are better off when you consider the huge changes that have taken place as far as employment, independence and responsibilities at home are concerned. Even when it comes to managing finances, women have started to play an important role. And as a means of empowering them towards taking charge of financial decisions independently, ShubhBank is offering a lot of benefits for women on  Home Loans, Car Loans and Personal Loans . Some of these benefits include reduced interest rates, flexible repayment options and a hassle-free application process. There are also special women-centric Credit Cards available.


Be it the ovens for growing restaurant, latest dental X ray machine, desks for an expanding office, all the small and big businesses will face the need of new equipments. The high expenses of purchasing these equipments need quick cash. As such Equipment Financing can be highly useful tool provided by ShubhBank. This loan can come from variety of sources depending upon your eligibility criteria/credit score and your needs. We provide you the lowest interest rates with flexible repayment options. You will have to prepare your paperwork and have a detailed business plan that takes your business to the next level. You will get the fastest disbursal usually within a few days of submitting a loan application.


There are many of commercial banks in India and each of them has their own set of loans – be it Home Loan, Personal Loan,Car Loan or any other loan such as a Loan Against Property . In this case study, we have tried to document some of the best loan products currently available in our country. However, it is not possible to document all loan products here and we’d advise you, the reader, to do your own research before opting for any loan. It is important to thoroughly read through the loan schemes before you decide to apply for a loan. Terms and conditions regarding foreclosure, part-payment, interest-rate calculation and instalments are very important. The best thing to do is to first talk to your own bank, especially if you have had a relationship with them for a long time. Banks do value relationships and are likely to provide you with the best of offers. It doesn’t hurt to ask around among your family and friends. You could also read reviews online in order to assess a bank’


If you’re a woman entrepreneur or an aspiring one and you aren’t aware of the special loans that are exclusively available to you, then this article is for you. These special schemes from ShubhBank offer flexibility in terms of collateral security as well as interest rates. Our bank even offers proper counselling sessions for women entrepreneurs and show them proper avenues of growth and ways to promote their businesses. It is available for women employed in village and cottage industries, micro, small and medium enterprises, self-employed women, agriculture and allied activities, retail trade, and government sponsored programmes. Now that you have some idea about the kind of loans available for women, perhaps it’s time to take that step and Start Your Own Business . After all, you’ve got everyone including the banks rooting for you.