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A credit card can be a useful tool to give your credit score a nice push up. So " Choosing the Right Credit Card " is a bit tricky. There are so many factors to be considered while applying for a credit card. The approval of credit card depends on your credit score. Choose your credit score should be dependent on your lifestyle classified into broad categories like travel, shopping, dining, entertainment, fuel, rewards, cashback or co-branded. Make sure you read and understand the terms and conditions of card you are interested in before you apply. The deciding factors to get credit card should not depend upon low interest rates, great perks and other free bees rather than go for your spending pattern. You can build a good credit history by paying your bills on time and in full. By following these easy tips, you can easily choice for right card without effecting your score. The first time seeker can also get it without any hassles.


India is getting digitalised and has completely changed the lending system. The gap is shrinking between the new technologies and the lending system which makes the borrowing process completely electronic and paperless. Paperless lending has given a new path to the lending industry combined with the current technology that made it easier both for lenders and borrowers to avail and lend the money. The traditional process for applying a loan has been too lengthy which followed up with time consumption and lots of stress. So digital lending is the solution to all the problems which can provide an ease to the borrower to " Avail Any kind of Loan ". With this feature one don’t have to visit the bank again and again or have to spend time on piling the required papers. Shubhbank is providing loans digitally in complete online and hassle free way making borrowing an ideal option for emergency situations.


A housing loan is a secured loan product where the lender provides finances to the borrower for the purchase or construction of a commercial or residential property. One can " Secure a Home Loan " to buy a piece of land and to construct on it. This loan is also issued to extend or renovate the property. The borrower secure this loan against the property or security to be bought. This is done by giving the lender a ownership over property till the borrower does not pay it back. Home loans are provided up to maximum of 80% of the value of the home. They are repaid using equated monthly instalments spread over a fixed tenure at comparable rates of interest. Most of the lenders provide loan on their estimated value so it is important to remember that their valuation is significantly lower than the actual cost and hence the requirements of customers goes on.


As it is a season of new year events and several discount offers are ongoing on various products, you may feel the itch of overspending but you can control your expenses as well as pamper yourself if you follow some tips. We need a cheat day in financial planning same as in diet plan so that we can cater our temptations. You must cater your desires to extent that could not land you in debt that leads into financial troubles. Those who manage their finances wisely usually priorities their expenses well. It will prioritize your spending in order to spend money optimally. Plan your happiness in a way that you do not end up feeling miserable due to overspending on things you want to buy. You should balance your expenses in a way that you can afford to spend in immediate necessities. " Saving and Investing enough for Future " gives you immense pleasure.