Credit Cards epitomize modern lifestyle in terms of convenience a d have emerged as one of the fastest ways of carrying out transactions. Those days are gone when having a magic plastic card and flaunting it among your relatives and friends was a symbol status. With a view to increased acceptance, many banks and NBFCs have been offering various additional rewards and benefits with credit cards. As the cashless transaction becoming more and more common, everyone has a credit card, either a middle class man or a high net worth individual. There are host of card options available in the market having variety of features linked to them. The most popular and reliable ones are entertainment credit cards, shopping cards, fuel cards, cash-back cards, premium cards and business credit cards. They provide rapid access to money anytime and anywhere, so are the handiest asset you can have. They has emerged as viable alternative to currency notes providing access to covering expenses on the go and rewarding you for the expenditure.

Due to the rising demand for credit cards, Card Issuers have made credit card application quite easy for the customers. You can apply for cards either online or offline.

Apply Online
These days, it is very handy to avail a credit card if you meet the eligibility factors. For that you do not need to visit bank, application can be made online. You just have to visit the web portal of financial institution and can apply by filling out some basic details like email ID, contact number, address, income, etc.  After that you will get a call from representative who will guide you through whole process.  You can also opt a doorstep service to collect your documents.

Apply Offline
Traditionally, some people are not comfortable with online methods of application, so they can visit the bank or NBFCs directly to "Apply For the Credit Card". Visit the branch and communicate about the type of credit card you need and the benefits associated with it. The representative will guide you about the card that match your needs. Then you have to fill the application form with some basic documents like ID proof, address proof etc. You are also asked for income proofs.

Credit Cards mean more than plastic money for digitally advanced generation. You can earn rewards and cash-backs, dining discounts and shopping benefits from them. With so many options available, it is confusing to decide. is where you can find the right card and apply for it in just three simple steps :
  •     Compare the offers  and fees on different cards by leading banks to find the right one that suits your lifestyle.
  •     Enter your personal information to check whether you are eligible for card or not.
  •     Fill out the application form to get instant approval on your request.

Now that you have joined the bandwagon of credit card users, so its more helpful to make a smart use of it. Start with good credit habits, plan your expenses and you will go a long way.