In India, being a developing country every year many start-ups are launched and operated successfully. There are really a great number of young people who come up with an excellent business ideas every year. But most of businesses fail and the main reason behind it is the lack of funding. Nowadays, banks and other financial institutions become more stringent in the eligibility criteria to sanction a business loan. And to "Make Your Business Loan Successfulyou need to provide a stack of documents to the lender. Then the lender verifies your documents and takes 30 to 40 days to disburse the loan. So the parallel way of business funding is ShubhBank. Our aim is at funding your dying business but our way of functioning is different from other traditional lenders. We provide easy business loans for small and medium-scale enterprises with progressive vision.

ShubhBank have different process of gauging the loan eligibility than traditional banks and financing companies. Lenders determine the eligibility of loan by checking the credit score, net worth of the business, age of the business, revenue generation or the value of collateral you want to pledge but our bank does not take those parameters on account as our way to check the eligibility depends upon loan application, credit score, your net worth and your business plan. These eligibility criteria sets are not same for every borrower as we take every applicant as an individual case. We come up with many more advantages which makes our loan scheme a better option. Some of the features are listed below :


You have to submit a stack of papers when you apply for a loan with a traditional lenders in its physical form. We never demand physical documents being an online lenders. You just need to upload the required documents that will support your loan application.


We aim at crystal clear loan processing. You never going to find any hidden charges on your loan application. Many of lenders try to drain your money in different ways such  as selling their products along with loans.


Waiting for a long time to get the loan quantum like 30 to 45 days can never be accepted in this fast growing 21stcentaury. The new age businesses are operated online which make them function in a fast manner. The needs of those business owners are fulfilled by ShubhBank with a faster disbursal without much wait.


We follow an online procedure for our loan products and services associated with it. Being an online lending platform, the loan seeker do not need to visit the branch and submit physical documents. Our online convenience of filling online loan application makes it a better choice for the entrepreneurs who lacks in time for carrying out hassles of loan process.

These key points have made the ShubhBank, the lifeline for number of business enterprises. Our lending system have relieved so many business ventures and helped them to  survive making our business loan, the most favourable option.