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The use of " Credit Cards " is very similar to having romantic  relationships. If you know how to handle it, you will be happy. If not,  you are screwed. How? Read on. With the rise of plastic money and the non satiation with  consumerism, CC have become one of the indispensable tools  that the youths are using these days. Strictly speaking, it is a loan  that you can have without any collateral and if used wisely, without  having to pay a single rupee in the interests. The idea behind CC is very simple. Your bank gives a card which is nothing but a way  to access a pre defined amount every cycle. You can use the card for  making any kind of payment: be it purchases on web sites or dining in a  restaurant. It helps you buy things even when you do not have money to  spend. It is like having a loan for very short period, called the CC cycle without having to pay any interest. If you are able to pay  the amount due on it within the credit period mentioned, it’s free