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Machinery loans are generally used by small and medium enterprises for enhancing their production capacity or replacing old machinery. Machinery is the most important asset as it determines the amount of goods that can be produced. Timely upgrade & maintenance of machinery ensures that the business stays competitive and profitable. Machinery loan can also be used by manufacturing units for expanding business in vertices. For small manufacturers, machinery loan without security can be very helpful. At ShubhBank, we help small and medium enterprises to compare & apply for various options for machinery loan, through our business partners. You are just required to " Apply Online Machinery Loan " giving details of your requirements. The equipment financing is a financial product that provides funding to business owners to purchase new machinery or upgrade existing machinery. This financing comes handy for both small and large enterprises. The interest rate, loan


Gold loan is a popular type of secured loan referred to as loan against gold. It is availed by pledging your gold ornaments with a lender in exchange for money. Gold loan is much similar to personal loan as there is no restriction on the purpose of utilization of loan money. It can be used to pay children’s education, for purchasing a car, home improvement or so on. You can freely pledge your jewelry, gold coins or bars to " Avail the Gold Loan " . ShubhBank makes it easy for you as we ensure you not to get misguided while availing a loan or pledging your precious asset. Those days are gone when people use to think over the fear of pledging gold. All knows Indians have an emotional connect with the yellow metal passed on from previous generations and value it immensely. So collecting gold at your side will result in having equivalent hard cash sometimes. Gold is highly liquid and can be exchanged for cash instantly. It would help you fund all your financial emergencies


A used car is that vehicle which is being sold for the second or the third time. The pre-owned car market in India is booming and the ratio of new cars to used cars is 1:2.2, which means that for every 50 new cars sold, 110 cars come into the market for sale. The annual volume in the pre-owned market is estimated to be 3 million units, which is 40% more than new car sales.Lenders say that there has been 15-20% rise in the used car loans as well. If you are also planning to buy a second hand car, here are a few things that you need to focus on. There are some reasons for the growth in used car market such as reducing ownership periods, better availability of platforms for buying and selling of used cars, change in perception, ownership of more than one car and ease in the availability of finance. We have discussed what things you should consider while " Applying a Used Car Loan " . INTEREST RATE: Getting the best interest rates for your used car loan is not easy.


More and more people are taking a personal loan in present scenario for multiple financial reasons. Personal loans help the individual and households meet any financial crunch when it comes to certain purchases. A personal loan is kind of unsecured loans that people usually take from a bank or non-banking financial companies to meet their personal crisis. A  personal loan from ShubhBank isn’t backed by any collateral/security unlike a home loan or a loan against property. However, rates of interest of personal loan are higher than the interest rates of other financial products due to the amount of risk at time of sanctioning it. In case of loan, it is advisable to repay the amount on a timely basis so as to make sure your credit score does not get harmed.We have surveyed that what are the reasons people take a personal loan such as children’s higher education, medical expenses etc. Here are some of the reasons people take a personal loan in no particular order. Pay for


People borrow money when they need it. And the primary source of money for them is bank or non-banking finance companies. They are a prime source of debt financing. Bank loans have a pre-fixed interest rates that have to be repaid at fixed intervals i.e., monthly, quarterly or annually. Applying for a loan can be a significant decision, so it is important to make a smart decision. These are some factors to consider before taking a loan that you have to keep in mind. Check Your Credit History Your credit history says a lot about you. It tells the lender whether you’re responsible and indicates the likelihood that you’ll be able to pay off your debts in the future. It is the significant criteria that lenders use while approving loans, so it’s a good idea to " Check Your Credit Score " before filling out an application form. Purpose of the loan The most common mistake that people often do that they are unaware of the reason and purpose of the loan requi