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Nowadays, after suffering a pandemic, the scope of self-employment has widened in the country. It offers numerous perks such as time flexibility, entire ownership and exposure therefore; self-employment is accelerating on high rate. However, the entrepreneurial skills demands initial investment otherwise unstable cash flow can impact your business adversely. No matter, in what business you are but expenses like rent, working capital, office functions and productions can add up to huge burden on you. So, to tackle these financial obstacles, business loans have become greatest tool for self-employed individuals. You can " Apply For Business Loan " that will allow you to run your business smoothly in a shortage of funds. ShubhBank offers a business loan made for your hectic schedule and provides needed funds for your business. We ensure our customers to avail the loan disbursal process as easy as possible but the borrower should also be aware of some factors which would help th


It is universal truth that life is full of certainties and nobody can predict when unplanned expenses will strike them. However, such expenses might ruin your monthly budget bit it also makes you to default on your loan EMIs. Whether you don’t have enough funds to pay your installments but sooner you act on, it would be better for your financial health. Therefore, defaulting on your monthly installments will have repercussions on your credit profile. When you " Apply For Loan " with specific lending institution, they will keep you updated about the EMIs whether it’s paid or missed. If you don’t have sufficient funds in your bank account and EMI can’t be deducted from your account, then you could receive an email or call from lender about the failed EMI payment or you would be given with additional time to pay the installment. Now, if you are in an uncomfortable situation of defaulting on monthly installments, then here are some steps that you can follow to avoid the negative