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The subsequent COVID-19 outbreak has introduced some unique challenges to every sphere of life as people are suffering from this deadly virus and financial crisis caused by shutting off the business world. As all knows that funding is utmost for lifecycle and one of the key factors are loans that helps every individual from any income group to arrange the funds for every small and big need. Most of the people " Apply For Loan " these days either for personal or professional needs and this lockdown has hammered every person’s savings and money rotation. Thus, people are suffering from paying late EMIs, opting for moratoriums which may in return lead to a debt trap. Many have struggling to pay their timely installments in recent times. If you are one of them, then this article will surely help you to tide over the financial crisis. We have mentioned few tips that would ensure you to pay off your EMI wisely without an inconvenience and shed off your financial stress. Research a


When running a smooth business gets tough, a business loan gives you the power of acquiring the funds to keep your venture going. You can use the borrowed funds to cover your business expenditures and help your company flourish. Have you ever wondered what if you are not satisfied with the repayment structure and the rate of interest came with your loan? The solution to your entire problem is refinancing after you " Apply For Business Loan " to grab some more favorable terms. So, refinancing a loan allows you to reduce the entire cost of your previous loan by paying it off with a new loan. In other words, one can transfer your pre-existing loan to a new lender who can offer you better repayment structure and lower interest rates. Besides refinancing your loan, you can also grab extra benefits to make the repayment smoother and less burdening. By refinancing you can go for flexible tenure either longer or shorter, lower rates of interest reducing your EMI as well as improves


Top-up loans are the best choice for those who already have existing loans and looking further for monetary support at a certain point of time. It can fulfill any of your personal and short term business needs. They are always cheaper than the other commercial loans. As the name reflects, top-up loan is benefited to the customer well beyond the pre-existing loan. Usually, the tenure for such an advance ranges from seven to ten years. Most of the lenders offer this kind of advance to the borrowers who have an pre-existing personal loan or home loan. These loans are easy to secure but lenders have some criteria to disburse these kind of loan. In few cases, when your lender doesn’t provide you the top-up loan then you can go for a balance transfer with the other lender who offers a top-up loan. To get an approval for any kind of top-up loans, one has to be regular with you existing loan repayments. A " Top-Up Loan " can be availed only if you have some existing loan either home