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Nowadays it is necessary to upgrade and improve the efficiency of manufacturing unit of business with various types of machinery and equipment in the ever-changing world of client’s product requirement. Machinery loans are availed by any business owner to improve the productivity and efficiency of their business. ShubhBank provides you with best suited machinery loan to purchase the new and automated machinery. The most common type of equipment that are availed by equipment loan are earth moving equipment, CNC machines, industrial machines, medical machines, precision tool cutting equipment etc. We provide you the complete guide of how to " Avail a Machinery Loan " from ShubhBank. CONDITIONS FOR EQUIPMENT LOAN: • You have to show the minimum 2 years of ITR and profitability in the Balance Sheet. • No bad remarks on company of any court case. • CIBIL criteria to be fitted. • The amount borrowed is inclusive of 80 % of the total invoice value which is inclusiv


Buying your own home would have ever been a dream only without the support of home loans. Once you zero in a home to buy, you have to initiate the process of funding. A home loan from ShubhBank is a financial tool that raises funds for you to buy your dream home. It is a secured loan as your home serves as collateral for the lender. Generally, a home loan contains a number of steps to reach the last step of disbursal of loan. So here, we are discussing some steps for " How to Get a Home loan from ShubhBank " . The home buying process starts with the search of suitable home to finding the right lender and at the end disbursal of loan. APPLY FOR A LOAN : the first step which has to be taken by loan aspirant is to apply for a loan. The application form may differ from lender to lender but generally you have to give the basic personal and professional information, details of your financial liabilities and the details of the selected property. The further step is chec


Every business needs ample amount of funds for start-up expenditures or to pay the business extensions. Many companies take out business loan for a financial assistance. The business loans can be taken for variety of requirements such as starting up a new firm, business expansion and dealer financing etc. ShubhBank provide you the major benefits that does not require any collateral and in case of failure of repayment, the whole company will be liquidated in order to clear the business loan rather than putting up a sole burden on the business owner. The salient features of our loan schemes offered are collateral free loan, flexible repayment tenure, and great loan amount, attractive rate of interest, minimal paperwork and fast processing. If you need to apply for a business loan, then it is necessary to meet some eligibility requirements such as age of 21 to 60 years, be in business for at least 3 years, last 3 years of ITR statements etc. To secure a loan you have to submit the


Are " Loan Against Property " convenient and easy to get? Well if you have been wondering the same, then this article is going to clear all of your doubts in no time. A loan against home is a kind of mortgage loans where you can easily find your new venture to meet any personal; monetary needs that you might have. Were you unsure of the value that your asset holds? The true and the hidden value of your assets can be unlocked easily with the help of these loans next to property which will help you to get money against the property that you have. Take a look at the major benefits of getting this kind of a loan. Benefits And Features Of The Mortgage Loans: • Can be taken n for all of your needs. With this kind of loans, one can borrow as little amount as 5 lakhs and as huge amount as 10 crores depending on the kind of home that one has. The loan can be used for any purpose that one needs – be it for personal use or for boosting your new business. • The market value of