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Every lender and credit card provider reports your repayment details to the CIBIL. Basically, they update your credit profile on monthly basis or every three months in a year. The bureau tabulates this information in your credit report and formulates a credit score after every three months. The scoring process is totally transparent and in many cases your credit report may have some errors which may result in low credit score and impact your chances of borrowing. These mistakes may occur in your credit profile due to many reasons such as misprint, incorrect information provided by the lender to credit bureau, fake entries or errors pertaining to your KYC details. Before you " Apply For Loan " it is good to rectify those mistakes so it is necessary to know the whole process behind a credit report correction. To do so, let’s have a look on these steps: Retrieve the credit report: Prior to rectify your mistakes in CIBIL report, you have to check the real issue at its root. Sta


Nowadays, it’s common for people to borrow multiple loans to fulfill their different needs. An army of people acquires home loan with car loan as well as personal loan as borrowers have a wide range of loan options with number of lenders present in the market who offer competitive interest rates allowing the customers to avail loans easily and quickly. Sometimes, multiple loans can be stressful but that doesn’t mean that you will end up in debt trap when you " Apply For Loan " . You can keep your loan burden from spinning out of your control and gradually repay the all with good financial management. In this article, we will take a dig at some methods that you can use to manage the multiple loans. Manage it properly: First of all, ensure yourself that all your monthly installments are on level that will not mess up with your other financial obligations. Be wise and never allot more than 40% of your earnings to your loan EMIs. One can make a use of online EMI calculators to p


Undoubtedly, loans are one of the most important things to make your life better. Most of us have availed it to tide over the financial crunch that we face from time to time throughout our lives. However, loans can also prove to be a burden sometimes as they need to be paid back with interest and in a fixed repayment period. When you " Apply For Loan " you would have to know all the terms and total cost of the loan because if you manage it properly, you can efficiently cut down on your debt burden and lead a stress-free life. In this blog post, you will find some of the ways which are listed below to reduce your debt burden smartly. Choose an affordable EMI: In case a borrower fails to repay the monthly installments then his/her CIBIL gets affected negatively which can soil their credit history and jeopardizes his chances of borrowing in future. Therefore, it is important to choose a size of affordable EMI that can be repaid easily. If anyone would have to know about the EM