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Paying monthly installments on time for your loans boosts your creditworthiness and minimizes the chances of default. Any default can charge you penalties from the lenders, and affects your credit score adversely. The maximum repayment tenure offered by the lenders regarding home loan is usually 30 years. One may also get flexibility in terms of selecting the tenure as per his/her convenience. A Home Loan EMI consists of two components, principal and interest. The interest component is higher in the starting phase but towards the latter half tenure period, the principal component is higher than the interest component. This means higher will be your EMI; lower will be your interest rate. So that was all about paying EMIs, but are you aware of the few benefits of repaying higher home loan EMI. 1. Saving on the Interest Component Savings on interest component is one of the major benefits of paying higher installments towards your " Home Loan " . This monthly amount has a


A small business loan is a loan provided to small to medium scale business for various purposes. These  " Small Business Loans " may be required for multiple reasons, such as running the company, etc. Such loans secure the funds. Such loans may help in minimizing expenses for the business and so on. How To Apply For Business Loans  Online Process: On the off chance, suppose the monetary loan lender has an online application option, please visit the website. Under the credits segment, pick business advances or independent venture advances (Small business loans). Download the application and fill in the necessary subtleties. Once done, you can present the application form. Once suggested by the customer care group of the loan lender, submit the required for confirmation. If qualified, the credit will be endorsed, and the advance sum will be dispensed inside a couple of days. Offline process: Visit the part of the financial moneylender and get the business credit


A personal loan is a convenient financial product that can turn to whenever you’re in a cash crunch. This unsecured loan is easy to qualify due to the fact that it does not require any collateral. ShubhBank offers instant approval on personal loans and allow you to enjoy the full sanction within few business days. The most common reasons to secure a personal loan are medical emergencies, wedding, paying off credit card bills, repaying previous debts, funding vacations or purchasing dear gadgets. Whatever be your need for applying a personal loan, you need to meet the eligibility criteria of particular lending institute, to be qualified for loan. Here we are giving you few tips to choose best personal loan to have a safer loan journey. 1. Compare the Interest Rates Before starting the application process, it is important to choose for the ideal personal loan that fits your needs. Lenders such as traditional banks and NBFCs, all of whom charge different interest rates. First comp


If you have had bad credit in the past then getting a loan, when you really need one, can be problematic. That is why there are loans for people with bad or no credit with the help of some guarantor. A guarantor states that he/she will pay the loan if borrower misses a payment or default on the loan. Having a guarantor strengthens the entire loan process and reduces the risk of lender may have. If you are seeking a guarantor for your loan due to having bad credit or no credit, you need to secure a guarantor and this is usually done before applying the loan. Having a guarantor lined up insures the process will flow smoothly and quickly. So let’s look at " How to Find a Perfect Guarantor For Your Loan " mentioned below: Someone You Know Personally It is necessary that you must know someone who can be your guarantor. She/he may be a close friend, partner or spouse, even a work colleague who knows you well and would be happy to help you. Of course it doesn’t seem to be


HOW TO APPLY ONLINE FOR A HOME LOAN  Nowadays, every person is aware of the term Home Loans. Every person wants to live their life in a beautiful place, in a beautiful location and earns for that but sometimes that earning fell short to meet your demand and dreams that's why you take help from a money lender or bank which is called loan, and you are entitled to pay them the principal sum of money with a predetermined interest. When you're going to take the loan, you have to keep the property as a security to the lender. The lender will release all papers when you repay the loan. To " Apply Online For Home Loan " you have to meet all the eligibility criteria and fill the loan against the property application form. The lender will take this in their notice and will respond to you back shortly. When you meet the criteria, you will get the loan in 48 hours. After that, you have to submit all of your documents to the lender, and it's done. What Are The Conse