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Problems are inevitable, no matter how careful you are. They will pay you unwelcomed visit at some point of life. Most people wallow in it, don’t deal with it and few smart ones take a deep breath and focus all their energies on looking for a solution. The one who takes a deep breathe is a master problem solver. ShubhBank understands that you have bitten more than you can chew and now debt trap of loan money is giving you a back and headache. See "How to Deal with the Burden of Loans" here we are discussing some strategies to beat it.

Fine to feel miserable: It is ok to feel bed for taking a big loan quantum but don’t let it crush your soul. If you have a realization of your mistake, then it is good for you. Once you are done after draining out all the emotional excess, get ready to deal the problem, a punch in a face. Remember feeling miserable for too long is not good either.

Ditch the blame game: Once you vented out all your emotions then take responsibility to your actions. Never blame the loan agent or the lending institution for not telling you about such consequences. It was your responsibility to decide how much or how many loans you can service. To overcome such unfortunate circumstances like loss of job, sickness, you should have had emergency expenses ready for such setback. We also want your mind to help you navigate the problem and find a right solution.

Look after yourself: It is said to be burdened under debt when loans spiral out of control. Excessive worrying about your problem can harm your physical and mental health. When life gets you down then ensures yourself to stay calm and healthy. This is the time when you need the company of these two things otherwise journey of finding solution will become hard. A healthy and happy person can survive the unpredictable life uncertainties thrown at us time to time. So be merry, all things will return to you soon.

Do not stop: If you are unable to repay the loan there are many measures you can adapt to decrease the stress. The trick is in knowing what works well for you. Keep knocking on every possible door of help, one of them will surely open up. A good way to cut expenses is to save for repayment by downgrading your credit card.

Learn from mistakes: The last strategy in problem solving process is taking lessons from your mistakes. People once scarred financially become smart money managers afterwards. The next time you take a loan, think back to the experience. It is advisable to pay attention on how much you can earn and how much you can afford. Planning a budget is half the problem solved. Show your money some love and explore mutual funds or many other investment options.

A happy individual will be able to surpass the biggest challenge compared to a sulking one. So next time, first stake out your savings and then spend what remains behind.


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