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Cars are an aspiration for many people. They offer a lot of utility and also offer a higher degree of comfort and convenience. Further, no one can deny the fact that cars are also a status symbol, though decreasingly so. Despite that, vehicles continue to remain desirable. So if you are looking to purchase a vehicle, how best to go about that process? How do you select a car and how do you finance it? These are all crucial questions that can significantly dictate your experience. To help you, this article will go over the intricacies of buying a car.

How To Select A Car?
There are a lot of factors to consider when buying a vehicle and this is the hardest, but also most fun part of the process. The first thing you need to think about is budget. Decide a price limit that works for you and do not go beyond it for any reason. Secondly, decide what kind of vehicle you want? An SUV, Sedan or hatchback? There are also many crossovers in between now. You will then have to consider things like fuel efficiency and performance. After this, you will have a shortlist, from which you can select with your heart.

Used Or New?
Most people will be averse to buying a used vehicle, but in reality, it is an option that must be seriously considered. The new one might have benefits such as freshness and new smell. Beyond this, the parts will be brand new and will not have technical problems. That is where this distinction ends. Used cars are cheaper. That means you will be able to buy better vehicles. A 2014 vehicle worth 20 lakh is still better than a 2019 vehicle costing 10 lakh. If you buy a used one, you can get the 2014 car for 10 lakh.

How To Finance The Car?
The next hardest thing in the process of buying a vehicle is financing it. Is it better to get a loan or is it better to pay a lump sum? Both these methods have pros and cons. If you pay a lump sum, the vehicle will be yours from the very first day. You will not have to worry about payments every month. But most people cannot afford this. Even if you can, loans might be prudent. Many companies offer "Used Car Loan" which will ease the burden on you and not eat into your savings. It is the safest.

In the end, what vehicle you buy and how you buy it will depend on your personal circumstances. But there always some objectively better decisions. The first of these are buying a used car. It might have a few drawbacks, but they are far outweighed by the benefits, such as getting a better one. The same is the case with financing. Taking a loan is financial prudence. Even if you bought it without a loan, you can always "Refinance Your Car". This will make your life much easier and less burdensome.


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