The most basic necessity among the myriad of things a business requires growing is that of money. To create a balance between income and expenses of business is a difficult task at the best times but they can be overwhelming if you’re facing a pile of bills for the future of your company. It takes up a large chunk of your income for regular costs of doing business, leaving little remaining to cover payments or to invest in growth. There is no secret behind that every business needs money to grow and survive in highly competitive environment nowadays. If you are struggling to keep your business alive or looking to invest in growth, a loan can help you. Business loans in India are great offerings to take your business forwards. So where ever there is need, there is an opportunity too. ShubhBank has come up with a range of "Business Loans- A Right Move Towards Growth" to cater specifically to small and medium enterprises. We provide small business loans, term loans, and working capital loans based on what your business requires. It can be availed for expanding production facilities, entering into new market, improving distribution, purchasing additional equipment etc.
            There are many options in need of financing and more familiar you are with the process, the better your chance of qualifying. Before applying for a loan, you’ll have to break down your needs. Draw up a concrete business plan or walk for a help to financial advisor who enlighten you to some expenses that you might not have been aware of and guide you in crafting a realistic plan. Analyze your past performance and cash flow because it is necessary to know how much money your company requires to meet its goals to avoid getting deeper in debt. We provide you all the details about loan sizes, tenure lengths, flexible repayment options and interest rates that makes easy for you to decide on your budget. The primary criteria we consider while lending is a credit history of the business owner. A perfect track record of payments is truly desirable as it improves the chances of loan approval greatly. Do make sure that you are eligible for the specific loan prior to submitting your loan application.
            One can easily avail it to multiply their business in different fields without hampering their personal investments and assets. The basic eligibility criteria, more or less, varies from bank to bank. It includes being of 21-60 years of age, PAN card, audited balance sheet, IT returns, and detailed business plan for the utility of money, structured repayment plan, business continuity for 2 years with a positive net worth. The loan quantum for you is decided upon your current financial standing and situation. The documentation that we require when you are ready to apply is ID proof, income proof, robust business plan, credit reports, relevant legal documentation etc. After you gather all the documents and finalizing the best loan option for yourself, apply online or offline by filling out the application form and get well-prepared to gain maximum benefits.