Credit cards are flimsy piece of plastic that is convenient to use providing you a financial independence. They are big responsibility as they can also lead you to a download spiral of overwhelming debt. Before you take the plunge, educate yourself "All About a Credit Card" through ShubhBank. We feel four important steps to break down the process:
  •        Choose the right card
  •        Aware of your requirements
  •        Prepare yourself before applying
  •        Analyze the rejections

      No card is perfect for everyone but there are offerings that are a fit for you. Right credit card is not a matter of rewards and benefits but a number of other factors should also be taken into consideration; most importantly your income. So the cards that charge low annual fee are more affordable to own. The basic thing to be overlooked is the use of card, whether you have to use it for shopping, dining, fuel, travel or other expenses. Once you have zeroed up your need, check out the options available that suits your requirement. Our bank is going exponentially in tricity, so we have bouquet of offerings for our customers. Being a wise individual, spend the way where you can earn size able cash backs, reward points, discounts etc.

      There is a comprehensive procedure you need to go through after selecting the card with reasonable annual fee and interest rate. First check your eligibility to apply for the card. You’ve to be at least 18 years of age, genuine personal information, employment history to ensure the stability of your income and line of credit. Some important documents need to be submitted to verify the details you have furnished. Documents may differ from a salaried individual to self-employed people. The basic papers needed are ID proof, residence proof, income proof, copies of income tax returns, audited financials for the last two years etc. it take few days to review them and approve your application.

      Applying for a credit card is easy and simple and can be done online from our portal as it is most valuable and handy personal financial tool. Do not choose your first card blindly; always go for a card based on your needs and repayment capacity. We will approve your application if you have an appropriate credit score as it reflects your credit worthiness. Try to maintain your score to get your application approved in one go. We have professionals who are well informed about pros and cons of the approval process. They will guide you at every step to make the process less troublesome for you. The best thing about such services is that they are totally free. Moving towards a cashless society, credit cards have emerged as a viable alternative to notes and coins. They help you build a strong credit history that can be an asset to the future to secure a loan. Keep in mind to revise the card agreement properly to avoid any troubles. So look out for the maximum benefits and most suitable option for you.